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The future of connected customer travel journey experiences

When was the last time a hotel charged you for running water?

The answer is, never...  Yet, this poses a real challenge for the airline industry- who is trying to find a profitable formula for passengers who lose their "always connected" device once they take to the skies.

How will airlines make money offering a costly, cutting-edge technology service that passengers increasing expect, and want for free?

Passengers all share one thing in common when they fly- the desire to have the same kind of experiences they enjoy on the ground at their fingertips.  Travelers expect to be able to create their own unique cabin experiences, use their own devices, apps, and mobile content on-board.

Avion is the future of connected customer travel experiences- redefining the end-to-end passenger journey- giving passengers state-of-the-art IFEC, an innovative and unique digital "smart cabin", more control of content and entertainment, and extending their travel journey experiences beyond the aircraft.


Avion was born from the enthusiasm for aerospace, built on over 20 years of aviation and digital advertising experience, and a deep desire to redefine the in-flight passenger experience- through disruption and digital transformation of airlines assets- offering flexible new refinancing approaches (reallocate costs) for making onboard entertainment and Internet attractive to airlines of all sizes with different business models- taking entertainment and Internet services from a cost focus to a revenue focus.

The threat of commoditization is quickly affecting the aviation industry and the in-flight passenger experience will most likely be provided by someone else.  Traditionally, IFEC has centered on movie experiences, while WiFi is disrupting from an authorization of streaming on devices, it's not enough to differentiate the passenger experience, with Avion's innovative technology and creative business model- it can.

Avion is unleashing the power of the airlines' digital assets, monetizing them properly, and creating new revenue streams.

As Avion Media Group continues to evolve, we understand the future of the customer travel experience will become highly connected, mobile-first, and more about "what inspired the journey" in the first place.  Passengers expect information and services at their fingertips, while the new generation of flyers demands instant gratification. 

Avion Media Group is connecting aircraft partners and travelers to create an ecosystem, extending their relationships beyond the aircraft to the destinations and is resolving many of the current and future issues facing airlines in this new era of digital, IFEC, and in-flight advertising.

In essence, we're a digital advertising, entertainment, and services in-flight platform for aircraft- our solution creates new ancillary revenue streams throughout the end-to-end passenger journey.

Avion is a highly disruptive platform- with our patent-pending "Smart Ads" technology (including programmatic) and ease of use CMS at our foundation- Avion provides the latest in A.I., data, and machine learning technologies and integrates with many future innovations, to deliver the most flexible, dynamic, and sophisticated digital transformation to your aircraft and passenger journey experiences.

   “The entire world of advertising is changing, and advertising on in-flight entertainment systems is going to have to keep up or find itself significantly diminished,” said Michael Childers, chair, APEX Technology Committee

Avion's A.I. and "Smart Ads" Technology

  • Drastically reducing advertising lead time
  • Provides a significant increase in ad values
  • Increases an airline's advertising revenue

Avion Media Group is a game changer for IFEC!

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Airlines and aircraft operators should own the interactions and time of their passengers- while their passengers receive the most advanced, curated, and personalized experience.

Avion redefines in-flight- creating unique passenger journey and entertainment experiences- by implementing our patent-pending advanced ancillary revenue, advertising, and passenger experience mobile connected commerce technology.

Avion's exclusive platform offers our partnering airlines, their passengers, and the content providers the full potential of a digitally connected aircraft.



We connect advertising and brands- with our unique partners and their highly captive customers- in ways that were not possible before now.

We curate high performing mobile environments for advertisers to deliver "impactful" experiences at scale, by bringing together the latest in innovation, data, content, and technology, we help advertisers build deeper engagement with audiences.

There is not a more granular or targeted platform- that delivers results and engages consumers in a way- where they actually enjoy advertising.



In our quest to deliver an "end-to-end" experience for digitally connected travelers- we're looking to partner with hotels and resorts, hospitality, and entertainment companies.

 With our exclusive patent-pending "smart" hospitality and smart solutions platform Avion is leading the digital disruption and transformation of smart hospitality management- to deliver smarter solutions for improved connected guest mobile stay

experiences, “smart room” features and management within rooms and suites, and truly delivering the resort, the destination, its local attractions, entertainment, etc.


How We Can Help Your Aircraft

Your Challenges and Our Solutions to Meet New Demands

Passengers, whom honestly don't leave home without a mobile device, are used to browsing and shopping when they want, however, they want, and this expectation doesn't stop because they're not on the ground anymore.  Accommodating passengers' demands to use their mobile device in-flight can mean more than just enhancing your airlines' passenger journeys, it can also open the door to new and expanded revenue opportunities through digital transformation.

Our mobile solutions, designed specifically for air carriers, make new and profitable ancillaries a reality. Passengers spend millions every year on in-flight purchases like meals, snacks, entertainment, and retail items.  According to the consulting firm IdealWorks Company, in 2016, airlines generated over $60 billion in ancillary income.  For LCC's, this top-line revenue translates to a large portion of their bottom line, as much as 40%, and is critical for the company to stay in business.

With our in-flight solutions, we leverage detailed customer data and product visuals, so airlines can enhance ancillary opportunities.  Flight attendants and staff can access passenger data to identify high-value passengers, high-revenue opportunities, premium airline customers, and etc., by using travel and purchase histories or analyzed data attendants can deliver a higher level of personalized service to increase sales, increase passenger loyalty,  resolve passenger situations, and improving the likelihood the customer will make a repeat purchase or refer other future passengers.  Our platform functions like a "self-service kiosk" in many ways, giving passengers more control over how, when, and what they order.  Passengers not only appreciate the ability to order from their mobile device, but it's an added value to both parties, that gives a unique and seamless experience- without the need for mPOS systems.  Our efficient in-flight system will track and dynamically update inventory, offline and sync, alert flight attendants for delivery of a purchase to a passengers seat, and to be frank, provide you an "all-in-one" system for your airline to cut unnecessary overhead and reduce costs.

For additional ancillaries and enhanced passenger experiences, our platform offers expanded marketing and shopping opportunities, allowing passengers to order items in-flight, possibly items delivered to the hotel, at the gate or to their home.  Passengers also fill travel time in a variety of ways while in-flight, and many would appreciate the ability to use their flight time to plane activities at their destination, such as, making dinner reservations or ordering tickets to a concert or show.  With our services, your airline can establish a gateway that provides a "digital concierge service" offering products and discounts related to the flight's destination.  During the flight, passengers would have access to a roster of destination-related content for booking entertainment options at venues, spas, and restaurants, renting an "Uber" or car, and etc., by leveraging our partners, your airline can make exclusive offers such as VIP tickets to events at standard ticket prices, that are only available to passengers who book in-flight, providing an exclusive experience with added value, while opening up new revenue streams and extending the relationship and passenger experience beyond the aircraft.

Reallocating Your Internet Costs

We're transforming in-flight connectivity and entertainment from a cost focus to a revenue focus.

Let's discuss a cooperative and strategic partnership- we offer a flexible new refinancing approach for making on-board entertainment and Internet attractive to airlines of all sizes with different business models.

Our business model and digital services platform are based on e-commerce, commercial offers, and advertising partners, which generate revenues to reallocate costs and refinance Internet services.  This makes it possible for our airline partners to offer their passengers free Internet access.

Let's discuss your companies unique needs!

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Some of Our Value

Ease of Use CMS


A very robust Content Management System

  • Track Inventory
  • Collection & Analysis of Passenger Data
  • Manage Digital Ad Content
  • Define Ad Formats
  • Define Users and Roles
  • Establish Collections & Items
  • Create Pages and Layouts
  • And So Much More!

Order on Mobile Devices


Avion reduces paperwork and gives Flight Attendants improved passenger attention- while the passengers have the ability to order from their mobile devices

  • Food & Drink
  • E-commerce & Online Goods
  • Destination Related Goods
  • Merchandise & Products
  • Concert & Event Tickets

Turning Airlines into Digital Retailers!

Experiencing a Destination


Avion offers more than just "information on the destination"- it gives passengers the in-flight ability

  • To Make Dinner Reservations
  • To Schedule an Executive Driver
  • To Purchase Tickets for Attractions and Venues
  • To Receive Exclusive Discounts & Offers
  • To Plan Their Trip In-flight and More Accordingly

Digital & Programmatic Advertising


"Airlines have said forever they want in-flight advertising to pay for everything, and of course, it never has."

But we do now have the opportunity to come as close as ever in making that happen - with our patent-pending "Smart Ads" Intelligent Technology- airlines can tailor ad content to areas, such as

  • Individual Flights
  • Origins & Destinations
  • Individual Passengers

Customer Data Analytics


Traveler-centric analytics- enabling the gathering of granular, passenger-specific data- that will provide a clear view of passengers

  • Needs & Wants
  • Behaviors
  • Including Habits
  • Purchase Histories
  • Personas
  • And Travel Plans

Our Unique Business Model


We have chosen to grow with our carriers and IFEC partners, limiting initial costs and reducing their liability- by focusing our efforts on

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Future Growth
  • Strong Beta-Tests
  • Research & Scale

A Few Unique Partners


Partnerships Wanted | We Want to Grow with You

Connect with us! Request a demo to learn and understand more about our platform capabilities and services- how we can help your business to reduce cost, improve ancillary revenues, and customer experiences.

Featured Services

Digital Transformation | Future of the Passenger Experience


The airline business is being commoditized and pressured for profits. Airlines need to look into their digital assets and monetize them properly, so they can be successful in the new era. Targeted advertising is a great additional revenue stream that airlines have not embraced yet in a fully modern and digital way. Avion allows them to do this in a simple way, covering multiple channels and maximizing the return.

The airlines need to have digital at their core. As a startup, Avion has the ability to remain flexible and properly adapt to the needs of passengers unlike large corporations that rely on legacy systems that keep them tied down.  We want to monetize the entire in-flight experience. 

Bottom line, Avion Media has the capability to provide aircraft operators, airlines, and content providers with the full potential of a digitally connected aircraft, true ROI, and increased ancillary revenues- without the excessive costs associated from other suppliers. 

Digital Advertising


There is a new “showroom” in the air, at 30,000 feet, so sky’s the limit for advertising possibilities.  Avion, already leading the digital frontier in this era of in-flight sales and communications, is presenting numerous innovative ways of advertising on-board.

The in-flight advertising industry is growing at three-digit speed and we believe that digital advertising will be key to sustaining this growth over the next ten years.  Avion is the only way to access video, the fastest-growing investment sector in digital advertising.  We are showing that, at last, there is a scale-able and efficient way of monetizing wireless IFE through high-yielding digital advertising. 

Connectivity Optional


Previously, the effectiveness and profitability of in-flight advertising have been hindered by old legacy systems, limited targeting and the challenges and expense of connectivity.  Avion is rapidly changing this, our patent-pending technology allows them to tap into the digital and advertising ecosystem regardless of the connected state of the aircraft.

Our product is designed to be bundled online and offline [served via the general purpose airborne or media servers].  The addition of connectivity only furthers the relationship with passengers, extends the marketing efforts we can offer to passengers, and opens up e-commerce retail opportunities with partners.

Experiencing The Destination

From the aircraft at 30,000 feet- we provide an experience second to none in delivering a destination and all it has to offer.

The New Experience: How Innovative In-flight Ancillaries are Driving Revenue and Loyalty

Connecting the captive market

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